Case Study – Langley Civil Engineering – Website Design

Langley Civil Engineering are a regional civil engineering & groundworks contractor with a wide range of activities and clients.

They are based in Fordingbridge, Hampshire, they have over 50 employees & over 20 years experience in Civil engineering construction.

Recently Langleys have been involved in some notable projects like the Weymouth Relief Road and the new Twin Sails Bridge in Poole.


The brief

As Langleys had no existing website, the project was an exciting opportunity as a ‘from scratch’ exercise.

We wanted to build a website that was informative and search engine friendly to drive organic traffic. We needed to demonstrate Langley’s skills and experience and decided that the easiest way to do this was on a project basis.

Due to the nature of the business, the site was designed to remain unchanged largely, so we chose to code it using static html. Having said that, the design uses a modular style that means adding future projects is simple and time-effective.


The website design

The website design features a classic and intuitive tabbed navigation, with the tabs grouped and coloured in logical sets.

It’s fair to say, that groundworks per se aren’t the most inspiring subject matter visually, but we decided to use a flash-based homepage slider and a selection of excellent photography that collectively convey a real sense of scale and diversity.

The site’s main content zones were designed in a modular format, so that they could be added to and extended easily. Beyond this, the design relates extremely well to Langleys business; functional, unfussy but with keen attention to detail.


Langley Civil Engineering's New Website Design, Hampshire

Screenshot of the new Langley Civil Engineering Website Design


The rook

The website design also features the quirky Langleys mascot. Initially it was difficult to find an inobtrusive way to fitĀ  the rook character into the website design.

However, by adding him below the fold to the footer section, and giving him a cartoon strip feature on the contact page, we feel we managed this without letting him dominate or compromise the core design.

If anything he lends a sense of personality that’s unusual on a business website.


Langley Civil Engineering New Website Design, Hampshire

Screenshot of the new Langley Civil Engineering website Contact page


You can see the results above but better still, visit the new website to see for yourself


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