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Keeping in touch with your customers and prospects has never been easier or more cost effective.

When compared to postal mailings for example, email marketing has no print costs, no postage costs, no ‘gatekeepers’ and no delay. What’s more, with email marketing you can measure your results and generate high quality prospecting lists to follow up.

Email marketing, if done well, can add significant value to your relationships and improve your business dramatically.

Equally, spamming your hard-earned database of contacts with too frequent and irrelevant messages can push business to other suppliers.


Good email marketing

As with all things, getting the mix right is a matter of balance. What’s important is that your messages are:

  • relevant to the recipient
  • that they offer value
  • that your message is clearly communicated
  • they have an easy call to action
  • and finally, that they are timely


Bad email marketing

Some examples of bad email marketing stategies:

  • not segmenting your database
  • sending everyone the same offer regardless of whether or not they’d be interested
  • sending an email every day
  • sending the same content over and over again
  • sending last chance offers, only to repeat the offer every week

We could go on, but you get the idea.

In the past we have run detailed multi-platform email marketing campaigns in different languages to tens of thousands of recipients. We’ve also set up and run campaigns to target niche groups numbering just a few hundred. Whatever your marketing goal, contact us to find out more about email marketing.


Free consultation

Whatever your marketing goal, contact us to find out more about email marketing. We offer a free, no obligation, initial consultation which includes a review of your existing strategy if you have one. We will also provide a full proposal detailing the scope of the project and it’s intended measurable results. Finally we will give you a fixed price for any work agreed before we begin.


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